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  Amrut Greedy Angels

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India’s Amrut Distilleries has released its oldest single malt whisky yet, an eight-year-old expression that pays tribute to the extremely high evaporation rate inside the distillery’s Bangalore warehouses. “Greedy Angels” refers to the 12% annual evaporation rate for casks at the distillery, which is located in the elevated plateaus of Southern India and are affected by high temperatures, humidity, and altitude.When the casks were filled in 2004, they held approximately 360 liters of spirit. During the 8 years that passed, the “Greedy Angels” claimed 274 liters to evaporation, leaving just 86 liters behind for bottling. Only 144 bottles are being released worldwide to celebrate the 60th birthday of Amrut Chairman Neelakanda Jagdale, the son of Amrut founder Sri Radakrishna N Jagdale.