Torres 20 years Hors d'Age

Distillery / merk
Ugni Blanc, Parellada
0.7 liter
20 years
American Oak Casks
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During the 1960s, Miguel A. Torres began planting foreign varieties in his vineyards. Symbol of both age-old tradition and innovation, Torres 20 was among the first brandies in the Spanish market to use French varieties in its production. It combined Ugni Blanc with the pale, fruity wines of the Parellada variety, grown on the high slopes of the Upper Penedès. The base wines undergo double distillation in traditional copper pot stills to produce pure and aromatic wine spirits. Over the course of many years, these delicate wine spirits age in selected oak casks, gradually developing warm aromas of spices and an elegant palate. The bottle is inspired by a decanter that dates back to the second generation of the Torres family. The heirloom survives to this day, handed down through generations. 

This constant search for perfection has been recognized on numerous occasions, including the gold trophy for Best Brandy in the World at the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition (UK).

Tasting Notes:

An aged brandy with a dark noble amber color. The aroma is deep and warm with traces of dried fruit and nuts. It displays elegant notes of spices (vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg).

Lush and unctuous on the palate.

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