Early Landed, Late Bottled Brandy 27 years 1993 - 2020 Thompson Bros.

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Deze 27 jaar oude 'Brandy' is niet in de Cognac regio, maar in Schotland gebottled en mag daarom geen Cognac heten.  

Tasting notes by Serge Valentin (Whiskyfun.com): 86 points

This brandy was bottled in Scotland and was ‘early landed – late bottled’, which will prevent it from being labelled as ‘cognac’ – provided it’s cognac indeed. No cognac that wasn’t fully matured in the region can be called cognac these days, I believe only Hine were still benefitting from a temporary derogation. Have to work on this…

Colour: amber.

Nose: wait, it does not quite smell like cognac. Rather armagnac, or maybe even Spanish brandy, with these rather huge coffee notes. Or Armenian brandy? Tobacco, chocolate, coffee, Bovril, metal polish… With water: chocolate, mint, Maggi, pu-her, dried porcinis.

Mouth (neat): could be cognac on the palate, really. More fruits, peaches, maple syrup, black nougat, sultanas, pinesap… I’m absolutely not an expert but I think this is quite in the style of some ‘extreme’ cognac makers, such as Bouju or Forgeron. With water: I’m not sure. Probably cognac, but a rather mentholy one. Icy mint and dark chocolate, or some crazy stuff by Starbucks.

Finish: long, rather all on chocolate and tobacco. You rather have to fight it. A drop of bervea or even genepy liqueur in the aftertaste.

Comments: you could almost call this a liquid cigar. I kind of thought it was a Jerezian on the nose, but the palate’s way too dry for that. We might never know…

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