Tonka Gin 50cl

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The square bottle shape comes from the prohibition era of the United States. At this time the square bottles were to the smuggling very sought after. Through this form, you could store a larger amount in a smaller space. Among other things, it was also easier to hide them under a car seat.

The Tonka bean gives the TONKA GIN its unmistakable, elegant and unique taste. Notes such as sweet vanilla, bitter almond and spicy Hay flowers contribute to this special taste experience!  A perfect blend between the tonka bean and the juniper berries to create 23 ingredients for the tonka Gin.

Tonka Gin is produced in a small distillery. This is idyllically surrounded by fruit fields, near Hamburg. From the production of the distillate to the filling of the bottles, the affixing of the labels and the packing of the bottles, everything is handmade!

The handwritten numbers provide information on the production number, the bottle number and the bottle / month.

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