KIN NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin with added Gold Leaf

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The Kyoto Distillery is pleased to announce the latest addition to our line-up, KIN NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin with added Gold Leaf.

One of our goals is to change people’s perceptions about gins and we are confident that KIN NO BI is another model product to showcase our challenges.

There is a tradition for gold leaf to be added to Japanese sake at times of celebration such as New Year, weddings and festivals. The gold for KIN BO BI is sourced from a Kyoto-based company, Horikin, founded in 1711. In response to rising demand for use by sake brewers, they developed edible gold flakes in 1985. It lifts the product and adds an extra element of occasion and luxury.

The label designs have been created in collaboration with KIRA KARACHO, part of the KARACHO karakami atelier founded in Kyoto in 1624. The gold crane is known in Japan to bring a long life and often used for weddings and anniversaries as a symbol of happiness.

To celebrate the end-of-year and look forward to a new year ahead, we hope KIN NO BI brings a good fortune to every festive occasion.

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