Domaine de Baraillon 1976-1979 Multi-Millésime pour Passion for Whisky

Distillery / merk
0.7 liter
1976 and 1979
Aantal flessen
Maximum aantal per klant
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Speciaal geselecteerd door en gebotteld voor Passie voor Whisky

Deze multi-vintage is samengesteld uit de distillatiejaren 1976 en 1979

Gebotteld op vatsterkte

Proefnotities Serge Valentin ( 89 punten

A wee multi-vintage bottling by the Jimmy Pages of Armagnac.

Colour: deep amber.

Nose: the gap is pretty huge here, as this is simply stunning, complex, well-rounded, floral, fruity, slightly oriental, and certainly tropical. Mango jam, dandelions, heather honey… This is a nose to die for.

Mouth: forgot to say, these 43% vol. do represent the natural cask strength here. The spirit is amazing, just a tad oaky at times (black cigars, black tea) but there’s also as much chocolate as in the most superb chocolate pie in Paris. Check Jacques Genin, he’s also a dedicated whisky lover. Melon jam, apricots, Smyrna currants, more chocolate, even more chocolate (all that from the oak)… And just a little rancio.

Finish: long and very chocolaty. Black tea in the aftertaste – that’s the tannins.

Comments: the oak shows a wee bit, but come on, Jimmy Page!

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