Winter Queen is a blend of whisky and blockchain technology

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Winter Queen is a blend of whisky and blockchain technology

It is a mixture of Scotch and malt whisky from the Netherlands.

The Winter Queen whisky will now go down in history as the second whisky to use blockchain technology following the release of Fusion Whisky's Australian blend, The Brisbane, in March.

The new whisky is the second release of The Winter Queen, which was launched in February this year. The second edition was commemorates the coronation of Scottish princess Elizabeth Stuart, as Queen of Bohemia 399 years ago today.

Alex Bruce, master blender and managing director of Adelphi Distillery, said blockchain technology meant they could provide unprecedented detail of the provenance of its spirits. It lets consumers to see every aspect of the whisky's journey, from the field the barley came from to who bottled it and when.

The Winter Queen follows Fusion Whisky's previous releases, The Glover, The E&K and The Brisbane. Each of the whiskies celebrates an influential Scot who had a positive influence in the country the partner whisky is sourced.

The Glover, first released in 2015, was a blend of Scotch and ultra-rare whisky from the legendary Hanyu distillery in Japan. It honoured the life and legacy of Thomas Blake Glover, the Aberdonian who has intrumental in Japan's modernisation in the second half of the 19th century, and who helped Mitsubishi and the Kirin Group.

Bruce added: "Many people hadn't heard of or appreciated the influence Elizabeth Stuart had in the 17th-century Europe. She was the eldest daughter of James VI of Scotland and I of England, but was also the grandmother of King George I and was the link between the Stuart and Hanovarian thrones.

"But she was herself an extraordinary woman who survived plots, exile and military sieges, and who built up a court in The Hague whose influence stretched across Europe for 40 years or so.

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