Château Montifaud L10 Premium

Cognac Fine Champagne

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Distillery / merk
Ugni Blanc
0.7 liter
10 years
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Six generations, a single Passion

Description: This is the top of the PREMIUM RANGE (sumptuous blend of eaux-de-vie from Petite Champagne & Grande Champagne). Much older than the minimum the 4 years required by the regulation.

Process: Artisanal distillation with lees, aged few months in new french oak casks then several years in older casks.

Tasting notes: A fruity and woody blend with floral aromas which evolves to dry flowers. This bodied cognac has a fat and mellow fruity taste (plum and apricot).

A great length typical of cognac from Grande Champagne, perfectly balanced by the finesse and roundness of the Petite Champagne

A great experience!

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