Frapin 25 years Millésime 1988 XO

Cognac Grande Champagne

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Distillery / merk
Ugni Blanc
0.7 liter
25 years
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Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017 USA: 95/100 points

This vintage Cognac, produced solely from Ugni Blanc, comes from our vines located in the south-eastern part of our vineyard, characterized by a chalky and clay soil and a crumbly chalky subsoil typical of Grande Champagne region. The BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac) guarantees the authenticity of the Cognac Frapin vintages by carefully monitoring the sealed casks as they rest in our dry cellars for 25 years.

Tasting notes:

Colour: millésime 1988 offers a beautiful bright orange colour with yellow highlights.

Bouquet: very balanced nose, consisting of aromas of dried fruit (hazelnut, fig…), prune and dried apricot. Then light woody notes appear along with ‘rancio’ characteristics and wooden cigar boxes typical of Grande Champagne as well as leather aromas that reveal themselves with time and patience… 25 years.

Palate: smooth and supple attack with a lot of finesse and complexity, due to the grapes being really mature, and an exceptionally long finish, typical of a distillation over lees.

"Small yields plus hot and dry weather conditions at the end of the summer favoured conditions of a good bunches maturation. This parcel had aromatic characteristics but, particularly, also a structure and a balance that led us to designate it as a vintage immediately after its distillation.”

Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

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