Giboin Napoléon Réserve de Castex

Cognac Cru des Borderies

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Ugni Blanc
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"It was in 1830 that my great great grand father started producing high quality cognac in small batches. Today following in the footsteps of my ancestors, I still cultivate the vines and distill the white wine with the same passion my ancestors did. Out of 60 acres of vineyard we have in the Fins Bois and the Borderies appellations, we produce no more than 4000 cases a year. We offer our customers rare quality cognacs by controlling the grape maturity, the vinification process, the distillation and the aging process." Francois Giboin - Cellar Master

Giboin Napoléon Réserve de Castex is a blend of cognacs distilled between, 2003 and 2007. Each bottle is numbered.

Perfect balance of oak and harmonious flavors of sherry wine and chocolate.
Delicate in style, rich and long persistent flavor.

Giboin has dedicated this cognac to their ancestor, General de Castex, who was at the service of Napoleon the First.

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