Grosperrin Borderies No.28 Lot No.430

Cognac Borderies

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Lot No. 430
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Tasting Notes by Serge Valentin: 92 points (

That’s right, this could well be a 1928. Who’s not heard of 1928 in the wine world? Mouton anyone?

Colour: amber. Nose: immediately a different, higher calibre, with more stewed fruits, various tobaccos, prunes, dates, figs, other dark fruits, and then more meaty notes, game, Serrano ham, old pinot noir (shall we add Nuits St. Georges?), mustard, porcinis, a little bit of rancio… Not too far away from some very old sherried Scotch whisky, such as a very old Glen Grant or something like that… Candied citrus peal, lemon curd, walnut wine… And as often, more earth, humus, mushrooms, menthol, autumn leaves… Angus thinks it’s quite beautiful and I do not disagree. Over time more orange peel and mulled-wine spices. Winter spice mix.

Mouth: really massive, starting with cinnamon and orange peel, polished hardwoods, cedar wood, unlit cigars… Many wood spices, black pepper, more cinnamon, wild mushroom powder, more bitter chocolate or cocoa powder, some eucalyptus, caraway, cloves… Angus also gets cherry cough medicine (Cherry Tunes), then ground coffee beans… Gets more savoury with time, umami, still quite earthy as well… Indeed, old sherried whisky territories. Don’t old aged spirits always converge?

Finish: good length, with a drier profile, cocoa, coffee, cinnamon, bitter herbs, Fernet Branca, chocolate… More rancio in the finish as well.

Comments: it’s unusual to see such an high-strength Cognac from such an old vintage, although we don’t quite know if this baby’s spent a large part of its life in a paradise…

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