Grosperrin Fins Bois N°45 Héritage pour Passion for Whisky

Cognac Fins Bois

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N° 45 Héritage
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Authentic cognacs with a remarkable origin. Like a truly great wine or a vintage champagne, these cognacs have come about through exceptional circumstances. They have been gently matured to enhance the characteristics of their terroir and underline their rarity.

This extremely rare and outstanding very old Cognac has been specially selected by and bottled for Passion for Whisky - The Netherlands

N° 45 Héritage

Lot N° 814

42 litres

Limited to only 60 bottles

Tasting notes by Serge Valentin ( 90 points

So, as the vintages are related to the harvests and not to the years of distillation (but in truth, those ought to be the same), this was made right after the end of WWII. In other words, it should be a very celebratory old cognac. Remember, within the bois, you’ve got fins bois, bons bois, and bois ordinaires, from best to less best (but there are hundreds of exceptions and we’ve had some superb bois ordinaires).

Colour: deep amber.

Nose: much love already. I’m a sucker for dried figs while this has plenty, especially those small ones they have in Turkey. Wonderful focused nose, tight, well-ordered, with just a little menthol and liquorice on top of those marvellous little figs. No water to be added.

Mouth: exactly the same feeling, a tight, totally focussed, almost narrow style, on figs and raisins. But some figs are extremely complex and hey, take a pack of dried figs and try them all, you’ll notice that they’re all different. Same with dried litchis or longans by the way. How strange and funny!

Finish: long, on figs. Touch of muscovado sugar and orangettes.

Comments: simple pleasure from a singular year. Rather irresistibly peaceful, in fact; makes you forget about the clash of arms.

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