Ron de Jeremy 15 years XO 5cl

Distillery / merk
Barbabos, Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana
0.05 liter
15 years
Bourbon Barrels
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Ron de Jeremy XO celebrates the extraordinary life of the legendary Ron Jeremy. This beautiful sipping rum in an eye-catching black package takes the signature Ron de Jeremy smoothness to another level. The blend includes hand-selected pot and column still distilled rums from Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana. These super premium rums are aged up to 15 years in American oak barrels previously used for Bourbon.

Tasting Notes:

The rum displays a bright golden amber colour with reddish copper hues. The aroma is rich with oak, fruit and spice with hints of caramelised nuts and honey. On the palate, the rum is velvety and seductive. The deeply satisfying finish is characteristically long and smooth with sweet oak notes that leave you begging for more. Ron de Jeremy XO is complex and sophisticated rum, proving that patience can indeed be rewarded. Savour it neat or on the rocks and remember what Ron always says: "Enjoy responsibly!"

Awards: Double Gold at San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2018

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