Boulet de Canon 5 years Limited Edition No.4 Compagnie des Indes

Blended Rum

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Compagnie des Indes
Distillery / merk
Boulet de Canon
Limited Edition
0.7 liter
5 years
Peated Islay Cask Finish
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Limited Edition No.4

Compagnie des Indes Rums offer a wide variety of origins in order to showcase the diversity of taste and aromas, as well as the know-how and "Terroir" of each origin.
Similar to wine making, rums can present different flavor profiles depending on the region they are produced in.
At Compagnie des Indes, the "Terroir" is respected in every Rum of their range; from their blends up to their most regarded Single Casks.


The range of “Boulet de Canon” rums has been created in order to highlight smoky notes in rums through different and innovative methods. 
“Boulet de Canon” 4 is a blend of Jamaican rums of at least 5 years old, having finished their aging in barrels, which previously contained peated Schotch Whisky from Islay Island. 
The nose is an explosion of Jamaican rums with notes of flambéed banana, nuts or roasting. In the mouth the balance is harmonious, in finesse. The tasting is made in two distinct phases, which gives this rum an atypical side: rum in the nose, whisky in the mouth, with peaty notes well assimilated on the finish, which brings a sensational length in mouth. 

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