A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Naval Cadet

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The A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy series is created to honour the proud history and long-lasting traditions of the Royal Danish Navy. In the core of this history rests the oldest Naval Academy in the world, established in 1701. The A.H. Riise Naval Cadet 42% blend is the perfect balance between tradition and strength. The various distillates are reminiscent of salt water, tarred ropes, and tropical fruits. If you close your eyes, you can picture yourself in front of the massive bronze cannons. The sweet nectar perfectly harmonises with the potent alcohol. It is a truly magnifificent experience.

Since 1848, a uniform dagger M/1848 became mandatory and regulated for the Naval Cadet Corps. It has remained largely unchanged since 1848. The cadet dagger is worn in a black sheath hung over the right shoulder. When a naval cadet is appointed Naval Officer, the cadet dagger is replaced with a sabre.

Tasting notes:

Color: Polished rosewood with warm glow

Nose: Elegant, deep nose with liquorice root, orange peel, coconut, high ester aromas, mint, and a touch of fruit cellar

Taste: A sweet, round, and bold mouthfeel that balances the richness with the green notes of eucalyptus and mint, the yellow notes of citrus, and the bitterness of liqurice and balsamic

Finish: Long and lingering, the impression changes from fruity and supple to more soft and warm notes of leather

Signature drink: Daggers & Sabres

  • 60ml Royal Danish Naval Cadet
  • 25ml fresh organic lime juice
  • 10ml green chartreuse
  • 10l raspberry syrup
  • Dash liquorice & peppermint bitters
    • - Add all ingredients to a shaker
    • - Fill with crushed ice
    • - Give it a good shake
    • - Pour into a chilled glass
    • - Top with crushed ice
    • - Garnish with dehydrated pitahaya, lime freeze dried raspberries and cocktail pick
    • - Mist with absinthe and sip with a straw

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