Springbank 18 years 2000 - 2019 The Clans

Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Distillery / merk
The Clans
0.7 liter
18 years
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Tasting notes by Serge Valentin (Whiskyfun.com): 90 points

This baby came with the picture of a circa 2010 hipster on the label, isn’t that lovely?

Colour: gold.

Nose: sulphury, no doubt, but it’s the kind of sulphur that just goes wonderfully with Springbank. It’s ‘mineral’ sulphur, nothing cabbage-y or eggy. Also bitter oranges, old books, engine oil, shoe polish, chalk, lemons, fermented soy (not quite natto, no worries), peat smoke, mercurochrome and beach sand. No dull raisins. Perfect.

Mouth: it is one of those pretty smoky Springbanks, which could suggest this could actually be Longrow if you ask me. But shh, only the papers are right. A wonderful walnut cake, a few raisins indeed this time, pipe tobacco, very old malmsey, soy sauce, oysters, mint, lemon, bitter oranges, salty manzanilla, smoked haddock, flints and chalk, paraffin… Indeed, everything from Springbank Distillery. It tends to get drier over time, all for the better.

Finish: rather long, a little more vegetal. Leather and tobacco, with this sulphury touch in the background.

Comments: echt Klasse, even if I tend to like the bourbon or refill casks even better. Perfect full-bodied whisky like no other.

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