Glenmorangie Allta

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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First and Second Fill Bourbon Casks
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Glenmorangie Allta is de 10de release van de Private Edition serie.

About the creation of Glenmorangie Allta:

Although yeast is all around us - in the soil, on plants, such as barley, and even on our skin, not all species are suitable for use in distilling. Acting on his intuition, Dr Bill sent a sample of the  barley grown in fields near Glenmorangie’s Highland home, Cadboll, to be tested in the laboratory. There, he found that the yeast those ears harboured - Saccharomyces diaemath - was ideal for creating whisky. He arranged for Saccharomyces diaemath to be cultivated by Glenmorangie’s yeast supplier. Then, when the barley on which it had grown was ready for use in the Distillery, he brought them together in the whisky-making process, to create an exceptionally fragrant spirit, which would perfectly demonstrate yeast’s impact on flavour.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Pale straw

Nose: Rounded, with biscuity, yeasty tones. Gentle floral notes of carnations and Parma violets, baking bread, very gentle vanilla, soft raisins and sweet mandarin orange.        

Taste: A crisp citrus bite to the mouthfeel. Butter candy, creamy vanilla, orange syrup with slightly yeasty background. Gentle mint, the tiniest hint of sweet chilli and delicate, dancing, floral notes.

Finish: Long and earthy with hints of bittersweet orange and peppermint.

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