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What to serve when faced with a table laden with different delights? Castelnau Brut Rosé can play a role here: full of flavour and daring, perfect for a timeless gourmet evening.

Comments of the Chef de Cave:

A telling alchemy of Chardonnay and the Pinots, this is a cuvée with subtlety and roundness.

The red wines carefully added to the blend alongside the reserve wines are what supply the character and elegance to this creation.

The Brut Rosé reveals a palate which is both delicate and voluptuous, one where the red fruit flavours slowly develop in the mouth.

The harmony of the wine depends much on the full aromatic maturity of the used grapes.

Food matching:

This Rosé champagne will be perfect with warm fruit tarts, clafoutis, or other fruit desserts; and as an aperitif.

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