Castelnau Brut Réserve Magnum


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This is the "signature dish" of the House of Castelnau with its stand-out characteristic of long maturation.

Comments of the Chef de Cave:

To create the Brut Réserve we have put together a blend where the subtlety and complexity of the Pinots are perfectly expressed and where the character of the Chardonnay adds, as if by alchemy, balance and style. The alchemist sought to turn base metal into gold, and when you close your eyes and taste you might think that our Chef de Caves has almost succeeded!

The reserve wines in the blend add maturity and complexity, and this is enhanced by an extended ageing of at least 6 years which is quite exceptionnal in Champagne.

This refined champagne, perfect both as an aperitif and with the finest of food has a remarkable freshness on the finish.

« The spirit of a vintage champagne in the body of a non vintage » is perhaps the best way to describe the Brut Réserve.

Food matching:

Perfect with canapés such as scampi tempura or scallop croquettes ; or if with a meal then with sole or lightly sauteed veal sweetbreads.

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