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Bodegas Urium
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Bodegas Urium is a family-owned bodega located in the centre of Jerez. The location, geographical orientation and the materials used in its construction all combine to ensure optimum conditions for wine maturation and ageing.

Bodegas Urium is a very old sacristy winery which boasts the full range of Jerez wines. They cherish the traditions, skills, processes and know-how of the wine-makers of Jerez and aspire to producing only the finest quality wines, stylishly and elegantly presented.

Soil: Albariza, Jerez Superior

Ageing process: Biological, under velo de flor

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Straw-like, very brilliant.

Aroma: Sharp and delicate fragrance with hints of marine elements and almonds which are reminiscent of camomile and bread yeast.

Palate: Fresh and delicate. Smooth and light in the mouth with a dry long finish and saline notes. Long-lasting and slightly bitter aftertaste.

Combinations: Ideal to combine with a wide range of snacks and tapas, especially with shellfish and fish. Combines well with food with slightly saline flavours (cured and salt-cured meats and sausages) as well as dishes which contain vinegar (salads, marinated fish and meat, cold soups, etc). Serve well chilled at 6º-8ºC.

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