The Kurayoshi 18 years

Japanese Blended Malt Whisky

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0.7 liter
18 years
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Tasting Notes by Jim Murray (Whisky Bible 2022): 95.5 points

n23.5 such a delicate nose: rice paper infused with the lightest heather-honey and the most apologetic nuance of smoke…;

t24 just brilliant…! Though the heather-honey is little more than a coded message on the nose, it arrives on the palate like an Emperor upon a throne. And although salivating, there is a depth beyond the simple broadcast of sugar and grist. Sugars are extracted from the tannins, also and these have a spicy hue. This is all about layering and subtlety, and it is hard to imagine that they could have got it better than this…;

f24 the spices buzz on. A little cocoa bitterness now as the honey tones have receded. A little molasses compensates excellently;

b24 a malt which celebrates its great age in style and considerable complexity. Indeed, so complex, each mouthful brings you a little stand and nuance you are sure wasn’t there before. Definitely knocking on the door as Japanese Whisky of the Year. 50% ncf

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