Domaine Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 67 Cognac #8 Le Voyageur

Cognac Petite Champagne

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Jean-Luc Pasquet - SARL Domaine Pasquet

Origin: Pierre de Joyet

Pieter Knapen:

Herinnert U zich #3 Lot 62 nog? Lekker? Dit vat komt van hetzelfde huis en vind ik zelfs nog beter. De neus is een ware fruitexplosie: ananas, papaya & peaches. Sauterne op de smaak. Mooi gebalanceerd. Veel tropisch fruit, thee en bergamot. Het eerste slokje is fruitsensatie, het tweede geeft een lekker warmend gevoel met honing en gember. De zachte en complexe afdronk smaakt naar meer.

Tasting Notes:

An exceptional cognac aged in a humid cellar. This explains the lower abv. The nose is a true fruitexplosion: pineapple, papaya & peaches. Sauternes on the taste. Balanced. Again a lot of fruit, some tea freshness, bergamot. The first sip gives the fruit, the second gives you a pleasant warm honey-ginger feeling with a amazing gentle depth.

Tasting notes by Serge Valentin ( 90 points

Another very good little Cognac house that managed to catch the attention of the usually rather monomaniacal whisky afficionados. Well, of some of us.

Colour: gold.

Nose: rather sublime as well, but rather less on tropical fruits, and more on honeys and flowers. Honey come from the flowers after all. I would say vanilla first, then heather honey (and flowers), orange blossom honey (and flowers), mint honey (and leaves), then rather gentler touches, dandelions, yellow flowers, buttercups, also hibiscus, jasmine… It's all very floral and a wee tad mentholy. Coriander too. Absolutely awesome, but watch the palate, that's where the devil usually lies.

Mouth: rather miraculous. It's not even too fragile, even if, granted, it's not and could not be as sublimely fresh and floral as on the nose, especially at 40.6%. So it's rather playing it on herbal teas, chamomile, lime tree, hawthorn, carcadet/hibiscus, lotus… All this works just as fine since the oak remained well-behaved, and since a little citrus is there too, especially tangerines. A little mead too. Really, rather a miracle, we've tried some old lighter Cognacs that had been just insanely sublime on the nose, and flatly tea-ish and cardboardy on the palate.

Finish: rather short but clean, and even fresh. A touch of liquorice in the aftertaste. Comments: pretty much a balancing act. All ended perfectly well!

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