A.H. Riise 1888 Copenhagen Gold Medal

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A.H. Riise XO 1888 Gold Medal is a delicious blend made of several distillates carefully chosen by our Master blender from rum distilleries in the West Indies and Central America. These soft, sweet, and creamy drops have aged in oak casks and brings a perfectly rounded fullness of “liquid gold” to the glass and pallet.

A.H. Riise XO 1888 Gold Medal is created to celebrate Albert Heinrich Riise and his successful career as a pharmacist on the Island of Saint Thomas in the Danish West Indies. Albert Heinrich Riise received many rewards and medals for his work, amongst these he received great honor for his products at the prestigious ‘Nordiske Industri-Landbrugs & Kunstudstilling’ exhibition back in 1888.

Tasting notes:

Color: Polished amber

Aroma: Soft oak, old leather and dried apricot

Taste: Warm spices, Christmas cask and orange peel, ending with a hint of English wine gums

Aftertaste: Creamy citrus oils

Signature drink: The legacy of gold

  • 60ml Gold Medal XO
  • 10ml Red Vermouth
  • 10ml Aperol
  • 7.5ml Coffee liquer
  • Dash Chocolate bitters
    • - Pour all ingredients to a mixing glass together with ice
    • - Stir until perfect dilution is obtained
    • - Strain into a chilled glass with a rock of ice
    • - Garnish with orange peel, orange chocolate and flamed orange zest

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