A.H. Riise X.O. Reserve Port Cask

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A.H. Riise XO Port Cask is a fine blend made from distillates found in the West Indies anvd central America. What gives this blend its special characteristic is that it is combined with distillates
aged in beautiful old oak casks and distillates aged in port casks, allowing it to rest and mature while taking on the distinct tones and flavours from the previously stored port. This creates the unique
recipe that have made the Port Cask a beloved favorite amongst A.H. Riise fans. With a velvety feel and the smoothed deep taste, the A.H. Riise XO Port Cask is a memorable and exquisite tasting
experience for your enjoyment.

Tasting notes:

Color: Light gold.

Aroma: Vanilla and yellow fruits such as pineapple and banana come fifirst, below which is a layer of drier red fruits, with a subtle hint of port.

Taste: The yellow and red fruits continue into the port-tinged taste, together with tobacco and cedarwood.

Aftertaste: Rich and long with a harmonious, dry, chocolatey conclusion

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