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Starward Unexpeated

Australian Single Malt Whisky

Starward Unexpeated
  • Starward Unexpeated
  • Starward Unexpeated

Starward Unexpeated

Australian Single Malt Whisky

BottelaarDistillery bottling
Distillery / merkStarward
SerieProject Release
Inhoudsmaat0.7 liter
VattypeRed Wine Barrel, Islay Peated Whisky Barrel Finish
SmaakprofielLicht tot medium rokerig
Out of stock

Red-wine-barrel richness meets Islay peat

Awards: Master award winner at World Whisky Masters 2021

Introducing UNEXPEATED. We finished our red-wine-barrel-aged Australian single malt whisky in heavily peated whisky-drenched barrels from Islay, Scotland. And for the first time, you’ll taste coastal, peaty, smoky flavour in our signature fruit-forward whisky.

We’ve never done anything like this before. But to create a legacy, you have to re-write tradition. 

As soon as we sourced the right peated-whisky-soaked barrels from Islay’s remote heritage distilleries, the experimenting began. Some barrels had been around since as far back as 1968. But once we brought them over to Australia, they have been given a whole new lease on life.

When those juicy, tropical Starward flavours take on peated smoke character, it’s a flavour sensation. On your tongue, subtle sweet peat melds with red-wine-barrel red berries. You’ll discover peat in the aroma and the lingering dry finish too.

Fuse our new world Australian ways with Scottish heritage and expertise, and something remarkable happens.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Sunset gold.

Aroma: Tropical fruits, toasted oak and a hint of sweet peat.

Palate: Ripe red berries, coastal peat smoke, yellow peach and cocoa nibs.

Finish: Oak slowly dries the palate, with a long peated finish.

Starward Unexpeated

Starward Unexpeated