El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez Viejo V.O.R.S. 37.5cl

Wijnhuis / merk
Bodegas El Maestro Sierra
Pedro Ximénez
0.375 liter
around 50 years
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Before and now, in the new stage, the winery has deserved to be included, twice in the last ten years among the 100 Best Wineries in the World, in 2011 and 2017.

Natural sweet fortified wine aged in American Oak barrels.

Some of the main characteristics of the Pedro Ximénez de Anticuario El Maestro Sierra (Very Old PX) are its exquisite sweetness, the density of its texture and the harmony of sensations from half a century of ageing.

The elaboration is the same as the young Pedro Ximénez but without fortification with alcohol. The 10.5% obtained from natural fermentation and the 50 years of oxidative ageing in American Oak barrels through the system of soleras and criaderas give this wine an extraordinary personality.

Tasting Notes by El Maestro Sierra:

To the senses: sweet, harmonious, natural, warm.
For El Maestro, it goes with… dark chocolate.

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